24 Hour Self –Service Library

24 Hour Self –Service Library located at the East of Wuxi Library. Its size is 110 square meters with 8000 books, 6 computers, auto registration machine, auto check out machine, newspapers & magazines reading machine and digital book lending machine. Serves 24 hours for registration, book check in/out and renew, info inquiry, digital newspapers and magazines reading and digital books lending.


Social Science Books Reading Room

(Art Library)

Collecting the most popular social science books of the last 10 years. The amount is about 200000, the subject is various, including philosophy, politic, law, economic, culture, education, history, geography, linguistic, etc.

Art Library is inside the Social Science Books Reading Room. Collecting 40000 books about art, music, film and drama, decoration, graphic design, antique andartifacts, there is also a special collection of books from Shanghai Library.


Readers’ Club

Readers’ Club is where to hold readers’ activities such as Reading Saloon, English Saloon, Wu Culture Saloon, Art Saloon, Video Lecture, etc.

Administration Area

Work place of administrative departments.



Purchasing, sorting, and cataloging documents and database.


Chinese Ancient Books Research Center

Total collection is 400000, including 300000 ancient traditional tread binding documents and 80000 modern documents. The center also provide the service such as special-subjectconsultancy, documents reading, edition identification, documentrestoration,etc.


The Rong Family’s Library

The Rong Family’s Library is a special collection of Wuxi library. The Rong family followed Mr. Rong Desheng’s will, donated 50000 books from his own collection and 70000 books from his Da Gong Library, including local history, local writing, pedigree, local newspaper and magazines, to Wuxi Library.


Wuxi Children’s Mobile Library

Founded in 2008, it is the first children’s mobile library in Wuxi. Now there are two mobile service vehicles equips with DVD, loudspeaker, laptop, carrying 6000 books which changes regularly. Now it has 30 service spots covers the whole city and use the same library card with the Wuxi Children’s Library and free interlibrary loan.


Chinese Ancient Books Reading Room

With a collection of 26000 books, including 15000 new version historical books, thousands boundvolume of local newspaper since 1915 and 10000 thread bound editions of local documents. Providing service such as special-subject consultancy, ancient document reading, edition identification, ancient document fixing, copying, etc.

The writing of local people is also a special collection of Chinese Ancient Books Reading Room.



Providing professional manuals, yearbooks, dictionaries,encyclopedias, search reference books, national standards. Collecting more than 800 types of back issues. Providing digital resource such as CNKI, APABI, Diandian Book, Chaoxing Book, Bookan Magazine, Kuke Digital Music Library, Tianfangyousheng Library, National Index to Chinese Newspapers, etc as well as the self-building database: Home Decoration Guide Database and Info of Healthy Living Database.

Also provide the following service: Info Search, Online Reference Service, Document Transmission, Project Service, Digital resource search training, etc. Publishing Focused Info and Healthy Living Info for special info service.


Electronic Reading Room

National Cultural Info Resources Sharing Project

50 seats. Providing Electronic info search, inquiring online info, computer skill training. Also provide the service of copying, printing, and scanning.

National Cultural Info Resources Sharing Project

Founded in 2003 and became the branch center of Wuxi district in 2008. With a 5T ROM, gigabytes VPN fire wall and the other facilities, providing data transmission and technology service for the100 basic spots in Wuxi. Also provide reading area inside library.


Friendship Library

Friendship Library is the original Sagamihara Donated Japanese books Library. After the set up of Library’s new building, its name changed to Friendship Library. With a collection of more than 10000 boos from the exchanging with Sagamihara, Honjo and Akashi Library, Now it is the window of Wuxi Library’s Foreign Exchange.


Newspapers and Magazines Reading Room

Provide 250 kinds of newspapers and 1200 kinds of magazines for reading with 150 reading seats.


Science & Technology Books Reading Room

About 110000 copies of Chinese books in science and technology and attached CDs. Involving math, physics, chemistry, astronomy, earth science, biology, medicine, agriculture, industry, environment science, etc.


Self-Study Room

Provide 300 square meters and 150 seats for readers’ self study.


Wuxi Children’s Library

850 square meters, more than 100000 books, about 300 types of newspapers and magazines. The whole children’s library divides to three parts: reading area, Newspaper and magazines area, Children’s multifunction room. It not only provides books for lending also organize children’s activities.


Exhibition Hall

200 square meters, with modern exhibition facilities, hold various exhibitions every year. Meanwhile, there are fixed exhibitions about Wuxi academicians, generals, famous people, old pictures, etc.



In the public space of the lobby, there are fixed exhibitions: Wuxi academicians and generals exhibition at the first floor, Wuxi famous people exhibition on the third floor, elaborate collections of Wuxi Library and Wuxi old picture exhibition on the fifth floor.


Braille Library

Founded and opened to the public on May, 2009. The total area is 150 square meters, collecting 1000 Braille books as well as other audio books. Equipped with special facilities, provides Braille books and audio books for reading and copying. Provide software, computers, equipments as well as videos for the blind.

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