Services Chart

opening areas service location
Registration Centre Card application, renewal, replacement, cancellation. General consultation. First Floor
Juveniles’ Growth Guidance Center Provide free mental health services for the juveniles by holding saloon, lecture, group guidance, live consultation, etc. First Floor
Braille Library Provide Braille books and audio books for reading and copying. Provide software, computers, equipments as well as videos for the blind. First Floor
Wuxi Children’s Library Reading Room More than 100000 books, about 300 kinds of magazines and newspapers for reading and lending. Also provide the service such as audio and video show, new book recommendation and reading activities regularly. First Floor
Wuxi Children’s Library Activity Room Provide 5000 books for reading, multimedia reading, also games for the preschool children. First Floor
24 Hour Self –Service Library Self registration of library card. Self check, renewal of the books. Online info query and electronic reading. First Floor
Newspapers and Magazines Reading Room Provide 250 kinds of newspapers and 1200 kinds of magazines for reading with 150 reading seats. Second Floor
Self-Study Room Provide 300 square meters and 150 seats for readers’ self study. Second Floor
Science & Technology Books Reading Room About 110000 copies of Chinese books in science and technology and attached CDs. Second Floor
Literature Books Reading Room 130000 copies of literature books. Third Floor
Social Science Books Reading Room (Art Library) 180000 copies of social science books (including 40000 copies art books) Third Floor
Readers’ Club Place hold readers’ saloons such as English Saloon, Wu Culture Saloon, Art Saloon, Video Lecture Saloon Third Floor
Reference Books Reading Room(Friendship Library) Inquiry of library’s collections and internet resource. SDI service. Donated Japanese books. Fourth Floor
Electronic Reading Room National Cultural Info Resources Sharing Project Electronic info search. Inquiring online info and the resource of the National Cultural Info Resources Sharing Project. Computer skill training. Also provide the service of copying, printing, and scanning. Fourth Floor
Chinese Ancient Books Reading Room (Chinese Ancient Books Research Center) Special-subject consultancy, ancient document reading, edition identification, ancient document fixing, copying, etc Fifth Floor


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