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Wuxi library, the former Wuxi County Library, which founded in 1912, is one of the earliest public library in China, which founded in 1912. Bell town, the main building of Wuxi County Library, was the highest building and also a landmark of Wuxi County at that time. With a rich collection and some famous scholars as the chief librarian (e.g. Qian Jibo), Wuxi County library played an important role in Wuxi’s history. In 1949, Wuxi people’s Government took over Wuxi County Library and changed its name to Wuxi Library. In 1956, The Rong family followed Mr. Rong Desheng’s will, donated 60000 books from his Da Gong Library, 53263 books of 3765 divisions from his own collecting to Wuxi Library. This enriched Wuxi Library’s collection greatly and became one of the main characteristics of the library. In 1979, Wuxi Library developed to a total area of 5223 square meters. The bell tower of Wuxi library became the municipality protected historic site in 1986 and provincial protected historic site in 2002. In 1983, Wuxi Library took the lead in setting up the children’s library in Jiangsu Province.

The strong professional and technical team creates a strong academic atmosphere in Wuxi Library: Seven professional books were published; more than 200 research papers were released in provincial and national publications successively; won national, provincial, and municipal awards several times. Wuxi Library now is the center of book collecting, Library Science searching, and library communication in Wuxi area. It serves for party and government; research, education and production units as well as the publics. It also plays the role of information collecting, processing, researching, exploiting, and spreading. In 1994, Wuxi Library became one of the first Level One Library. In 2005 and 2010, it continuous rated the Level One Library.

On 1st October 2000, Wuxi Library’s new building was formally completed. On 1st July 2002, it opened to public fully. From 10thOctober, 2008, all the service became free. Located at the south side of Taihu Square, Wuxi Library is a symbol of Wuxi’s spiritual civilization construction. The total area of Wuxi Library now is 28243 square meters consisting of a 13 floor main building and a 7 floor annex. Wuxi Library now has a collection of 1.8 million books, including the special collections such as 300000 Chinese ancient books (1146 rare books), 20000 local documents, 110000 books donated by the Rong family, 10000 original Japanese books in the friendship library. The new building has full modern communication facilities, micro-computer for internet retrieval, multimedia introduction and auto-managing system, providing 1600 seats for readers. With 25 service window, it receives 1.6 million readers, checks out 0.9 million books per year. The permanent exhibition of Wuxi academician, Wuxi general and Wuxi maestro presents Wuxi style. The various reader’s activities such as exhibition, lecture and saloon attracts 0.7 million visitors every year. Now Wuxi Library has 4 branches and 24 BookCirculationstations.

Wuxi Library was awarded as advanced unit of the nation in the construction of spiritual civilization, national civilized unit in recent years. It also was awarded as provincial and municipality civilized unit, civilized library. With its graceful environment, careful service, rich connotation and wonderful activities attract more and more citizens to go to library, use library and enjoy library.

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